Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014


Dolly says she’s going to wear white!

Wow!  That’s daring and dangerous

Every time I put on anything white I promptly spill something on it …..  or dribble ….but maybe that’s an age thing!


The potholes of Buckinghamshire

Just off out to brave the roads in this neck of the woods!   I’m hoping that my 4×4 is sufficient to cope with the current road surface.
I shall be listening as I go but if I’m not back in an hour (a sufficient time I’ve calculated to accomplish the 4 mile journey I have in mind) Please can you alert a search party as I may have disappeared down one of the more challenging caverns which appear to be riddling the by-ways of this part of Buckinghamshire.
I go with trepidation……….

The British Summer Tourist


Through rain and storm they struggled

They didn’t know quite why

They’d been told the country was in drought

So they were hunting somewhere dry!

They’d heard that water was in short supply

That there was a hosepipe ban

All they wanted was a bit of sun

And to get a summer tan!

They cannot leave the country

The passport queues have seen to that

So they’re stuck here through this rain and flood

In their thermals and woolly hats!

This Particle moving stuff!

Broadcast (partially!)

I don’t understand!

If it’s proved that particles can travel faster than the speed of light does that mean I will be able to get to my destination before I get there and if so will I know

I’m having enough trouble remembering where I was 2 minutes ago and why I’m where I am now.  If I’ve now got to remember where I will be I think I may end up confused.

Or is this so we can fast forward to the end of your weekly attempt at work?

Or  – even more scary – is it the reverse and I’m going to be stuck in a never ending loop of listening to your ‘humour’ !

It’s no good I’m off to lie down in a darkened room.


The satellite crashing to earth


No wonder they can’t find it – it was the one in charge of our gps systems

Mine has just told me I’ve reached my destination

Well where am I then.  I don’t recognise a thing!