Little Drummer Boy Video



A little ditty to the happenings of 2008


Boris hit the headlines
and bendy-buses cringed in fear!
RouteMaster owners perked up with glee
They could be back within a year!

That pesky Hadron Collider
Brought dread to many a nation.
But its failure to create a new black hole
Barely got a mention!

THAT election finally happened
They’d been canvassing for years!
Ms Palin didn’t catch the eye –
Obama got all the cheers!

John Sergeant stomped across the floor
Causing angst amongst those that judge
As the public voted for him in droves
They yelled “For God’s sake DANCE – don’t trudge!”

The fight for Christmas Number One –
Went to a Hallelujah chorus
but us Togs had a different choice
The one Terry recorded – forus!

So that’s the year – it’s been and gone
Through dungeon, FIRE and snow
Maybe next year we’ll will at Eurovision
But there again – maybe No!