The potholes of Buckinghamshire

Just off out to brave the roads in this neck of the woods!   I’m hoping that my 4×4 is sufficient to cope with the current road surface.
I shall be listening as I go but if I’m not back in an hour (a sufficient time I’ve calculated to accomplish the 4 mile journey I have in mind) Please can you alert a search party as I may have disappeared down one of the more challenging caverns which appear to be riddling the by-ways of this part of Buckinghamshire.
I go with trepidation……….

Activity for the New Year – Potholing!!!……..

Broadcast  by Ken Bruce

I have decided to try something totally new – exciting – dangerous – adventurous –  and surprising!!!

I am going to take up Potholing.

Now do you think I should start  with  the M4 or should I try out the local pot holes first.  The ones near us look fairly dangerous and  – dare I say it – Deep!!

I don’t want to fall into something I can’t handle until I have mastered some of the more basic techniques– whatever they are.

Perhaps your other listener could recommend one.