Useless Research!


Good morning oh Wise one and lover of useless Research!

This week we were kindly informed that Short People are more at risk of Heart Problems!

Great news for those of us who are vertically challenged!  It’s not as is being short is a lifestyle choice!  And anyway how short is short?

I’m now hunting out my high-heels – got to beat the system somehow!!!  And growing at my age seems unlikely!


So now we have to give up food to live longer??

So – It’s another joyous day of joyless research !

According to my newspaper

“Extreme diets – just above malnutrition levels –  will add 25 years to the average lifespan”

And we have to cut out meat, fish and nuts!

Which – I suppose – doesn’t  actually leave a lot to eat anyway!

All this so we can live to be 100.

Well I can tell you that isn’t necessarily so.

My dear dad – “Lord Moor Common”  – is 100 and he has definitely lived on quantities of all the “wrong” things his entire life!

So stuff the research – I’m off to have a full English breakfast  and be dammed!

There’s no such thing as a Research Free Week


So just when we thought we might get a Research Free Week,

It’s another day of “Doomed if you do”  and “Doomed if you don’t”  Research.

And we’re back into “Alcohol is good for you – and then again it isn’t!”

Excellent!!   – must dash – I need to down  a few units before I face the rest of the day!