A little Ode or Odette to Blunt and Boyle


Good morning Sir

I’m Boiling with excitement
to hear your show today
And to absolutely Blunt
I cannot stay away

The prospect of some banter
Is filling me with glee ………

Will Blunt Boil or Boyle be Blunt –

We’ll have to wait and see


Tootle Pip

Tansy Whitebytts


Susan Boyle – wow!

A lesson to everyone never to judge someone by their looks – we all have something to offer in life and Susan has her voice:


May she realise her dream – whether she wins or not – now, at last, she has the chance – and I hope she gets it. She deserves to be heard and I for one am the better for having heard her!

I don’t think I have ever been so moved by a performance.