Useless Research!


Good morning oh Wise one and lover of useless Research!

This week we were kindly informed that Short People are more at risk of Heart Problems!

Great news for those of us who are vertically challenged!  It’s not as is being short is a lifestyle choice!  And anyway how short is short?

I’m now hunting out my high-heels – got to beat the system somehow!!!  And growing at my age seems unlikely!


Christmas Lights


I wonder if it’s a new wheeze by our local councils to encourage householders to festoon their houses with a worrying, power-consuming, collections of lights!

The whole road here appears to have been lit up with glowing creatures, sleighs, varying shapes of Father Christmas (if you let your imagination loose) stars and strangely shaped snowflakes.

I don’t see many cribs – but hey perhaps I’m being picky

The street lights are completely overshadowed!!!

come on councils turn them off and save money – the public have taken on the job of lighting our way over the next 2 weeks!!!

A little Ode or Odette to Blunt and Boyle


Good morning Sir

I’m Boiling with excitement
to hear your show today
And to absolutely Blunt
I cannot stay away

The prospect of some banter
Is filling me with glee ………

Will Blunt Boil or Boyle be Blunt –

We’ll have to wait and see


Tootle Pip

Tansy Whitebytts

Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014


Dolly says she’s going to wear white!

Wow!  That’s daring and dangerous

Every time I put on anything white I promptly spill something on it …..  or dribble ….but maybe that’s an age thing!

My new oven and its other possibilities


Good morning of Wise One

I’m very excited  by my new “State-of-the-art Oven – with microwave options!!”

According to the instruction manual  I appear to have purchased more than just a machine which cooks!  As I can dial up:

Basting! – could be interesting?

Grilling and basting – possibly even more exciting

Baking on more than one level – I’m not sure I understand this one!

Keep Warm – that would be nice!

Bottom heat –  the mind boggles!!!

Fast heat up ????

Hot Air – say no more!

My dilemma is which of these options should I try to change my solitary state and in which order do you think I should try them out – and – come to that –  with whom???




Good morning Oh Wise One!

I’m in need of advice

Here I am sat, sittin’ wondering how I should contact you.

Am I supposed to Tweet when I Twitter

Or Twitter when I Tweet

I need to know this before I ‘show my age’  by not getting it right!

The British Summer Tourist


Through rain and storm they struggled

They didn’t know quite why

They’d been told the country was in drought

So they were hunting somewhere dry!

They’d heard that water was in short supply

That there was a hosepipe ban

All they wanted was a bit of sun

And to get a summer tan!

They cannot leave the country

The passport queues have seen to that

So they’re stuck here through this rain and flood

In their thermals and woolly hats!