Welcome all Togs

Tansy meet Sir Terry at Chesham
Tansy meets Sir Terry

Welcome to you all!

I am glad you have found my blog.

So who or what is a Tog?

Togs are Terry’s Old Geezers or Gals  – the listeners who glue themselves to his mutterings on Radio 2 between 7.30 and 9.30 each weekday morning.

For those of you who are not UK based these pages may be somewhat confusing!  All I can suggest is you log on to the BBC website and visit the Radio 2 site.    Have a listen to Wake up to Wogan and things may become clearer. ……..  Or not!

I started writing this blog in February 2007 as a means of collating all  the ludicrous emails I send in to Wake up to Wogan.  Since then it has developed and now includes diary entries (these are shown in italics).

I met Sir Terry at Chesham during his book-signing there in November 2007 – it was a surprising and lovely moment (for both of us!!).

I do hope you enjoy reading all my ramblings. I would love to hear what you think so do please send me some comments – it’s very easy and recently it has been rather lonely as all my readers seem somewhat shy to put digit to keyboard – so to speak!!  Still so be it!  I am still happy that you have found the time to visit!

I also recommend clicking on the  links to other Togs’ websites (namely those of Sir Blimely Windy )  which are very therapeutic.  Just scan down the list of Tansy’s Recommendations!

Search deeper into Tansy’s world!

If you are interested on a particular topic then Tansy’s Tantalisers will direct you deeper into the mire of her world.

The Search box can also surprise!

Whatever you choose to do I wish you “Happy Reading”  (as in ‘to read’ and not the place in Berkshire)

Best wishes



Your comments won’t appear immediately as I have to check them first – otherwise all the spam ones appear as well! My hoster tells me they have already stopped over 3,000 spam comments. I am really fed up with offers of medication and Major Dickie takes exception to the suggestions!

Best wishes to everyone




33 Responses

  1. Hi Daxie

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my drivel!


  2. Hi there, just stumbled across this site by accident, I was actually looking for the ‘voice of the balls’ !


  3. Hi Tansy,

    Have just come across your excellent website – very professional. Have enjoyed browsing your WUTW letters, a number of which I have also heard read out on the show. Keep up the good work!

    Alison Ordnung

  4. Tansy
    I won’t stop long, just to say that I have added some photos of the Convention to my blog and also a new post, but what with University arrangements posts have been somewhat thin on the ground lately!
    Hope all is well with you,
    Nat 🙂

  5. Hi Tansy
    Things are going OK – just to let you know I have published a new post. It’s been a while!
    Nat 🙂

  6. I’m glad you like it, but the banner is just the beginning!

  7. I’ll let you know when it’s finished 🙂

  8. Have you gone abso-bloomin’-barmy?

    How could I ever go off you – no me and my template are having a few disgreements (I apologise again for the change)

    However, this site revamp will be the last I make in a very long time! And I promise you, when it’s finsihed, you’ll see why I’m making it!

  9. Yes – I realise the constant changes to my pages must be annoying – you know how it is – getting bored of the same old style!!!

    I do hope my “On the Busses” letter makes it – it took me ages!


  10. Hi Tansy
    Just checking in to see if you’re OK. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well with you and yours – heard you on the wireless this very morn – congratulations!
    I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!
    Nat 🙂

  11. Thanks Tansy – you are a star!

    This reshuffle is only the beginning of a major revamp – including a complete overhaul of the pages and a new and improved video spot. I should be finished by Sunday.

  12. So gald you like it – how do I change it – best thing wordpress have ever done! 😉

  13. You inspired me! 🙂

  14. They are both very nice. I do like the first one though!

  15. Looking good Tansy (as always)!
    Nat 😉

  16. Tansy Whitebytts, what a TOG
    Her blog’s a veritable hit
    Among the TOGs, when compared to mine…
    Which is just a load of… incomprehendable drivel!

  17. Howdy Mrs Whitebytts,

    I’m glad to hear you had a good holiday – things have been a bit quiet round here lately – I can’t think of anything to write in about.

    However, it’s my birthday on Friday so at leas that’s something to smile about!

    A bientot! (Sorry, I’ve got French on the brain!)
    Nat 🙂

  18. Yes, I’m afriad tweaking costs. I think it was £5 for 1 year though it could have been more. I thought I would experiment with it to see if it was worthwile – and then if I like it I’ll pay again next year.

    Yes, we both failed, but the one I’ve just sent in might have the ‘desired effect!’

    I nearly wet myself when I read these! Hope you’re having a good break. You haven’t got much catching up to do as I haven’t sent anything in for a while!

    Nat 🙂

  19. Have a great holiday and a very Hsppy Easter! I’m sorry I haven’t been living up to our little bet but I’ve been in hospital. 😦

    Still, never mind – we can put off our wager until you get back. 🙂

    Happy Easter

  20. Hi Tansy, after reading your ‘birthday’ thread I came upon your link and have really enjoyed the last few minutes reading through assorted ramblings (my coffee wasn’t bad either!!) Thanks for keeping us entertained – power to your elbow!!!
    Best wishes from Norma S xx

  21. Hi again Tansy!

    Hope you like the latest post! I’ve sent it in to Terry just now! ROFL I read you note about the banner and have adjusted the resolution accordingly (though I think it was just WordPress acting up as I had problems earlier on today too.) So, you’ve discovered my cunning CSS plan have you?

    Farbeit from me to have an opportunity to show off what an A Level in ICT can do! LOL The real reason being of course that I loved your new layout but didn’t want to copy it exactly!

    My best to you and yours!
    Nat 🙂

  22. Right you are then you little skiver!

    Have a cracking weekend!

    Nat 🙂

  23. Whatever you decide I’m sure will be right choice for you.

    I’d better get writing I suppose if I’m going to try to break last weeks record!

    All the best
    Nat 🙂

  24. Yes, I hope to go again this year. I want last year and had a blast!

    Still, if you don’t fancy going then I could always post some photos of the convention onto my blog!

    The message boards have photos of last years bash – if you check out the bash board you’ll see I posted several threads with pics!

    If you need any info you know where to find me!

  25. Yerron!

    By the way I love the new layout – it’s very fresh and perfect for Springtime. Are you coming to the TOGs Convention this year?

    Details can be found at http://www.togsconvention.org if you or anyone else is interested!

  26. Eh up Tansy!

    Love the updated pages – you must’ve spent ages working on them. Congrats on your number of Broadcasts this week also – we’ll have to bet to see who can get more read out between Mon-Fri! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!
    Nat West

  27. Hi Tansy,

    Cracking likkle site this is, all my fave Tansy Ramblings in’t same place.


  28. Hi Tansy

    What a great site. We haven’t looked at the whole site yet. I (Merseycat) haven’t ventured into the ‘BLOG’ world yet – but I intend to do so. We love all the TOG stuff and it’s great to see you, if not in person then on your photo.

    Your TOGs CD of ‘Maybe We’ll Be Spared’ is on its way.

    Best wishes

    Iona & Merseycat (aka MC) xxx

  29. Hi Tansy

    I’m now a member of WordPress too so my blog URL has changed to http://www.thewoganyears.wordpress.com. Could you please amend the link?


  30. Howdy Tansy!

    I found your site via Nat’s blog page and now have it as a favourite so I will make sure I drop in from time to time.

    Great site….keep it up!

    Peek x x x

  31. Keep up the good work, Tansy! Yours is a fountain of (I hesitate to use the word wisdom! LOL) to all us aspiring bloggers!

  32. Hello Tansy, how lovely to find all your delightful ramblings in one place. Keep up the good work! Pip pip.

  33. Tansy, What a treat to find your website! (I had googled Lynn Bowles) I listen to Sir Terry every day on my computer, usually at my office in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, but sometimes at home in New Milford. I have emailed several times and been read out twice, a thrill for me. I’m always envious of those who write so cleverly and compose poetry and witty commentary, etc. I could never hope to compete. I really love the show and wouldn’t miss it. I enjoy most of Radio 2 and listen to Jonathan Ross, Dermot O’Leary, Johnnie Walker & Bob Harris regularly. I have on occasion, stayed up most of the night to listen in real time-we’re five hours behind-so I could see the webcam pictures. I look forward to hearing more of your emails, and I’ll check back here now and again. Cheers!

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