Birmingham Roller Pigeons – a quick update

We locked them in back in October to stop the sparrowhawk decimating them!  We only had 25 left from a high point in the summer of 50 so to avoid losing the lot – sadly – they had to be shut in.

As usual the lot that live in “The House of Lords” sulked for about a week!   I never knew pigeons could sulk – but believe me this lot do!.

“The House of  Commons”  loft do much better and remain resolutely jolly!

This week 2 “H of C”  ‘teenagers’ fell out of their next box and  our efforts to return them to the area of their home were met with enormous hostility from the surrounding adults so we have given them a temporary ‘refuge’ on the ground courtesy of a a cardboard box.

Happiness has been restored!


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