Little Drummer Boy Video



Goodbye Sir Terry

Goodbye Sir Terry

I am so shocked and saddened to hear of his death just now.

I remain incredibly touched that he read out so many of my emails to him, that he enjoyed and played with my stupid remarks and found them funny.

He gave me my “15 minutes of fame” and was so generous on the occasions I met him -giving me more credit than I deserved.

Thank you Sir T

Thank you for all the fun you brought us.



Useless Research!


Good morning oh Wise one and lover of useless Research!

This week we were kindly informed that Short People are more at risk of Heart Problems!

Great news for those of us who are vertically challenged!  It’s not as is being short is a lifestyle choice!  And anyway how short is short?

I’m now hunting out my high-heels – got to beat the system somehow!!!  And growing at my age seems unlikely!

Christmas Lights


I wonder if it’s a new wheeze by our local councils to encourage householders to festoon their houses with a worrying, power-consuming, collections of lights!

The whole road here appears to have been lit up with glowing creatures, sleighs, varying shapes of Father Christmas (if you let your imagination loose) stars and strangely shaped snowflakes.

I don’t see many cribs – but hey perhaps I’m being picky

The street lights are completely overshadowed!!!

come on councils turn them off and save money – the public have taken on the job of lighting our way over the next 2 weeks!!!

A little Ode or Odette to Blunt and Boyle


Good morning Sir

I’m Boiling with excitement
to hear your show today
And to absolutely Blunt
I cannot stay away

The prospect of some banter
Is filling me with glee ………

Will Blunt Boil or Boyle be Blunt –

We’ll have to wait and see


Tootle Pip

Tansy Whitebytts

Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014


Dolly says she’s going to wear white!

Wow!  That’s daring and dangerous

Every time I put on anything white I promptly spill something on it …..  or dribble ….but maybe that’s an age thing!

The potholes of Buckinghamshire

Just off out to brave the roads in this neck of the woods!   I’m hoping that my 4×4 is sufficient to cope with the current road surface.
I shall be listening as I go but if I’m not back in an hour (a sufficient time I’ve calculated to accomplish the 4 mile journey I have in mind) Please can you alert a search party as I may have disappeared down one of the more challenging caverns which appear to be riddling the by-ways of this part of Buckinghamshire.
I go with trepidation……….