Dolly Parton at Glastonbury 2014


Dolly says she’s going to wear white!

Wow!  That’s daring and dangerous

Every time I put on anything white I promptly spill something on it …..  or dribble ….but maybe that’s an age thing!

The potholes of Buckinghamshire

Just off out to brave the roads in this neck of the woods!   I’m hoping that my 4×4 is sufficient to cope with the current road surface.
I shall be listening as I go but if I’m not back in an hour (a sufficient time I’ve calculated to accomplish the 4 mile journey I have in mind) Please can you alert a search party as I may have disappeared down one of the more challenging caverns which appear to be riddling the by-ways of this part of Buckinghamshire.
I go with trepidation……….


Good grief  that was exciting this morning wasn’t it
Beats bashing down the slopes on a tea tray – though in my day it never occured to us to tie it to our feet!!
Well done to Jenny Jones on her bronze medal

The Floods – Advice would be useful

Good morning oh Wise One
I’m concerned
Now we’ve had two days of no rain and the floods are likely to recede in the coming days – When is the hosepipe ban going to be enforced?
I need to make sure my garden remains water-logged as I’ve decided to turn it into a wetland with the appropriate features and requirements for wildlife and if there’s a hosepipe ban in the offing then my creation will be doomed to failure.
Please advise -
I can be reached by boat

The Undertones – Terry’s slip of the tongue


In response to Terry referring to the Overtones as the Undertones:

“Totally understandable at your time of life to make such a slip of the tongue
But personally I don’t think you need to be considering Undertakers yet.
Be brave – and carry on clinging to the wreckage”

Upcoming Jim Reeves Broadcast – 5 November 2013

I am concerned about this Jim Reeves broadcast
To be up and working so late in the evening at your time of life is asking a lot I feel.  Will you be allowed to dress-down for the broadcast?   A smoking jacket and slippers would seem appropriate –   or will you be dressed as is required by the BBC – in full evening dress?
I do trust the present Lady Wogan will have a “hot chocolate” ready and waiting for you  in the way you like it best  -  when you get home
I shall endeavour to stay awake but please forgive me if I find your dulcet tones send me to sleep.

The great storm of biblical proportions

I have done the right thing haven’t I??
I’ve just been out and fought over the dwindling supplies at the supermarket
I then spent some considerable time hunting for my hatches but in the end I think I found them (being single they haven’t been used in years)  – and I’ve now battened them -  something I found strangely moving!
Have I missed anything??

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